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✡ Fullmetal Alchemist - 8
✡ Pandora Hearts - 13
✡ Clannad ~After Story - 16
✡ Vampire Knight - 13
✡ Umineko - 23
Total: 73

f u l l m e t a l a l c h e m i s t
Y'know, I really liked the touching EdWin moment ♥

p a n d o r a h e a r t s
Before the shitty filler came along~

c l a n n a d ~ a f t e r s t o r y ~
By now it must be very obvious that I'm a Nagisa fan. XD

v a m p i r e k n i g h t
Just for the record, on #6 I didn't screw up the colouring
by turning Kanames' hair black; it was like that to start with.

u m i n e k o
BEST.EPISODE.EVER. 8D And yes, I was experimenting with differents colourings.

Comment & credit.
Watch the comm, please ^^?
No hotlinking. Absolutely not.
Do not claim these icons as your own. Liiiiiiar.
Tags: animanga: clannad after story, animanga: fullmetal alchemist, animanga: pandora hearts, animanga: umineko, animanga: vampire knight
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